Murdock Pre-Fab Restrooms

11 800-591-9880 murdock-SUPER SECUR PACKAGE The basic building package includes: A factory-fabricated, galvanized steel building with standing seam roof, shipped knocked down. Erection drawings and installation instructions. Foundation anchor bolts and screws, nuts, bolts and miscellaneous hardware for assembly. Vandal-resistant stainless steel plumbing fixtures with flush valves for toilets and urinals, valves for lavatories and drinking fountains, fixture P-traps, waste connections and fixture mounting hardware. Wall mounted, low-wattage interior and exterior fluorescent lights when appropriate. A hose valve in each restroom. Toilet room accessories including solid plastic toilet stall partitions, stainless steel grab bars, mirrors for each lavatory and heavy duty toilet tissue dispensers. Locks for all doors, door closers and push-pull plates for restroom entrance doors. Men, Women and restroom accessibility signs for persons with physical disabilities. Etching solution for preparation of galvanized steel prior to painting. • • • • • • • • • • options : Structural calculations and drawings (for above the slab only), signed and stamped by a registered engineer. 16” x 48” Lexan ™ skylights Aluminum windows with Lexan ™ in place of wire guards Stainless steel pierced ventilation screens in place of wire guards FRP (Fiberglass reinforced plastic) interior wall panels in restrooms Stainless steel interior wall panels in restrooms Electric hand dryers Stainless steel towel dispensers and waste receptacles Tankless electric water heaters provided by Chronomite ® Water coolers, drinking fountains and hydrants • • • • • • • • • • exterior options : Custom Roof Materials Fiberglass Shingle Roof Standing Seam Roof Metal Roof • • • • the contractor furnishes : All site work and the complete foundation and concrete slab including reinforcement. All labor for assembly, installation and finishing of the building. All plumbing materials (except for fixtures as described above). All electrical materials (except lights and hand dryers as described above). Any optional wall or roof materials, paint and caulk. All accessories and specified items which are not part of the Murdock-Super Secur package. • • • • • • murdock-super secur package with accessories