Murdock Pre-Fab Restrooms

3 800-591-9880 key reasons to specify murdock-super secur vandal resistance Our 18-gage galvanized steel walls are designed to take abuse. Murdock-Super Secur stainless steel plumbing fixtures are manufac- tured by Acorn Engineering Company, the leading manufacturer of prison plumbing fixtures. ADA-COMPLIANCE All Murdock-Super Secur buildings are designed to comply with ADA accessibility requirements for persons with disabilities. SANITATION AND VENTILATION Unlike concrete, wood or a block structure, our galvanized walls will not absorb moisture or odors and our buildings are designed to be hosed out. Wire guards in the top 14 inches of restroom walls provide generous cross-ventilation while maintaining privacy. LOWER MAINTENANCE COST Murdock-Super Secur buildings do not burn or rot and they are resistant to impacts. In some cases our buildings have been hit by a vehicle. We furnished replacement parts which were bolted into place. VISUAL DESIGN While the structure of a Murdock-Super Secur building is always similar, use of different interior or exterior materials may dramati- cally change the appearance of a building. Interior options are stainless steel or fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) wall panels in rest- rooms. For the exterior, we can supply either vertical “board and batten” or horizontal “beveled siding” galvanized steel exterior wall panels. Or, the contractor can install a wood, brick, cultured stone or stucco exterior. Our standing seam metal roof may be the look you want or you may prefer to match nearby buildings having a shingle or tile roof. Many of these options are not expensive to install. COST EFFECTIVENESS Why reinvent the restroom? Usually one of our standard plans will meet your needs when combined with appropriate options. Our bolt-together assembly helps to reduce construction time and cost. You may be able to obtain a wooden building for a little less but you will find our cost is competitive with other permanent building materials. Years later, if internal changes are necessary, we can furnish new walls, fixtures and accessories. With a post and beam structure, you can convert an area to a family changing room or accommodate new ADA guidelines if necessary. When you consider total project costs, Murdock-Super Secur will save you money. SIMPLIFIED PURCHASE PROCESS Your recreation area or park can be designed and put out to bid in your usual manner, don’t have to design the restroom or other buildings. Our erection drawings will become part of the construction contract documents when you specify Murdock- Super Secur. Our buildings can be purchased and installed by a contractor or they can be purchased by the park district or owner and installed by a contractor. Some park departments purchase Murdock-Super Secur buildings and install them using their own maintenance crews or community volunteers.